ASEAN Player Quota in Thai League by Football Tribe Thailand

by Jedsada Chanapinijwong, the deputy editor of Football Tribe Thailand

Hi, Tribe. It’s me, Jed from tribe Thai edition. Long time no see! 

We are gonna talk about Thai league this season to update how everything is going after we go near the half-way of the competition. 

This season Thai league implemented a quota for ASEAN players so we can see many super stars in ASEAN coming to Thai league - everyone in these countries know players such as Aung Thu, Terens Puhiri, Kyaw Ko Ko or Mark Hartmann who have come to Thailand.

But some teams in Thai league think this quota is unnecessary for them. After Muangthong signed the contract with Baihakki Khaizan, they just sent him to Udon Thani in Thai league 3; Buriram terminated Hong Wu Samson's contract and sent him back to V league.

It looks like only Aung Thu is doing very well at Police Tero after netting 8 goals and make a lot of Myanmar fans come to the stadium to watch him play. His Burmese teammate Kyaw Ko Ko is having a difficult time though as he got an injury, which technically ended his season; another Myanmar player Nanda Lin Kyaw Chit played only 4 minutes for PT Prachuap FC.

Close to the mid-season, this quota is yet to impress the fan and the club. The question is if Thai clubs need ASEAN players quota - and if this quota will survive.

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