A Complain Letter from a Female Football Fan by Football Tribe Korea

by Mihyun Chung, Chief Editor of Football Tribe Korea

 "Football, huh? Come on. Who do you like? Cristiano Ronaldo? Gareth Bale? Neymar?"

 "I bet you only picked the team because you thought the uniform looked cute."

 "So you actually WATCH football? Explain the offside rule, then."

 If only I received a penny every time I heard such biased, bigoted, and sexist comments.

 Here’s what all of you have to remember: no, not all female football fans go for the most handsome player. As shocking as this may sound, CR7 might not be the reason many of us started to support Madrid.

 Every time I'm asked these questions, I have felt obliged to justify and explain my genuine passion for football and love for Madrid. I’ve followed football since I watched the match between Portugal and Netherlands during the 2006 FIFA World Cup because it showed how football can drive one – or in that match, four – crazy. Not long after, I started to root for Madrid and have continued to do so for about 12 years. So, not because of Cristiano; sorry to disappoint you. I have a tattoo of Madrid as well. Wanna see?

 There have been only a few people with whom I have not experienced such questioning. Cesare Polenghi, Football Tribe's founder, was among them. When we first met in 2013, he did ask me who I supported, but not once did he question how “real” that support was. It was, and is, incredibly appreciated.

 Football Tribe are a group of people like Cesare. There are ten editions with many writers and staff. Absolutely none of them have ever belittled my devotion to football and loyalty to Madrid. No one has dismissed me when I share my opinions; rather, they ask for my thoughts all the time.

That’s why I have realised this is truly where I am supposed to be. This Tribe has given me a sense of belonging, even though some of them support the wrong teams such as Manchester United and Juventus (laughs). And that is exactly why I want to bring this Tribe closer to football fans we have yet to reach. We welcome everyone who feels the passion and we will never underestimate what you have. So join the TRIBE: we are here for you and open to everyone.

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