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by Daisuke Kikuchi, Deputy Editor of Football Tribe Japan

 What started as a small tree has grown much in that time. I want to write about how the Japanese edition has grown, and how we will grow even more, thanks to the advantages we have in an international network.

The merits of an international network

Thanks to prompt information-sharing and a large pool of staff throughout the whole network, we have managed to convert high-quality information into our contnet. Most importantly, this international network has given us two things: cooperation and competition.

 By sharing and listening to opinions about football from various perspectives, not only in terms of news but also regarding graphics and other multimedia, we often make new discoveries. But while we work together as one Tribe, we also compete. And through this competition, we always strive to improve. The other editions at Football Tribe are like siblings: family members who are also rivals.

What can be done by Football Tribe Japan?

The J.League is one of the best leagues in Asia, and Chanathip Songkrasin's move to the J League became a huge topic in Thailand and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Our edition can contribute to the network by providing news about him and other Southeast Asian players who have joined Japanese clubs, and help to promote Japanese football throughout the region and Asia as a whole.

What we learned from other editions

Our participation in the Football Tribe network has taught many of us how to passionately defend our opinions. We, Japanese, are often shy. In fact, in many situations, we won’t actively speak up. As a result, we may change our position or take a step back.

 But editors from other countries are different. While they do agree on certain things, they know how to insist firmly on others when they disagree.

Our content improves when editors discuss their various points of view. When we are not afraid of expressing our opinions, we can become better. We will change the football world of Japan by adopting this culture. To that end, we must continue to strive.

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