Office, Sweet Office by Football Tribe Indonesia

by Mochamad Aby, Chief Editor of Football Tribe Indonesia

 Opening an office in Jakarta is one of the most monumental moments in 2017 for Football Tribe Indonesia. The office has brought us one step closer to be a professional and legitimate media in Indonesia. It also sets a mark and foundation for Football Tribe Indonesia to start competing in the world of football media across Indonesia. 

 However, the process that we have been through to build the office from scratch isn’t easy. It was a long journey, which needs a lot of consideration, patience, and time.

 At first, I wasn’t really sure if we needed an office, and I honestly didn’t think about it too much. We’ve successfully passed our first month by exceeding the initial expectations, but strangely the doubts suddenly filled my head and I started to think beyond. How can we get better than this? After thinking about it for a couple of days, I concluded that we did need an office. It might sound impulsive, but actually, it was more of a desire to grow. I noticed that we had some blips in our first month, either small or big one. Some of it was quite troublesome to fix, especially things like coordination, especially in online communication. Having an office would pretty much solve this kind of problem and improve our edition.

 So, we finally started to find a building. A small one would do. I still remember how hard it was. Hundreds of millions, fifty millions, and many millions were the numbers that mostly appeared in our lists. It’s really far from our budget; too far to be honest. Our budget was only several million IDR (1 million IDR is around 55 euros) and we wouldn’t be able to afford the yearly rent. It was a hard-hitting truth that opening an office isn’t as easy as flipping coins, but we had to find a way. After weeks of searching and discussions, we eventually settled with co-working space. Even though the size would be smaller than the office in our plan, but it’s not bad for a start. We found one, which is located in a lovely residential area that’s not too far from our places.

 We made a deal with the landlord and the person-in-charge of the co-working space. After that, we started to decorate it for a week. I’m thinking about drawing Football Tribe logo in one of the walls of the office, so we brought a painter to do this manually. We also bought several chairs, tables, wooden floors, and a sofa. 

 While we were decorating the office, Cesare visited Indonesia. He didn't know that we decided to have an office, so it was kind of a suprirse to him. Then we took a couple of photos. A week had passed, and we finally have our own office.

 Having an office has changed a lot of things, especially ways of communication and coordination. It has made us suffer less from miscommunication, and solve problems more easily as now we can discuss it directly and promptly with the team. 

 The office has also bonded us together and created a sense of belonging: we are a part of Football Tribe Indonesia.

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