Young Play-style on Our Sacred Home Ground by Football Tribe Vietnam

by Trung Nguyen, Chief Editor of Football Tribe Vietnam

With an office in Vietnam that we opened in November, we finally got our own "sacred home-ground," our "stadium," With our home established, it was the right time to build a strong team and define a “playing style” for our team.

Before, the Vietnam edition focused only on domestic football, rarely covering international content. While many Vietnamese readers were interested in domestic content, there were also many fans of European top leagues including the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga. We understood that we were missing out on a huge market with so much potential. It was decided: we needed to start developing our international content.

We brought in young journalists and trained intensively at office. We assigned over 20 shifts per week in order to cover as many world’s football events as we could. Our writers' work is checked carefully and graded by three knowledgeable editors. Through this checking and grading process, our writers improved tremendously and became able to produce articles independently.

 Recognizing the importance of visuals in internet media, we created full- and part-time positions dedicated to standardizing and improving our graphics. Our pictures and videos since then had received huge improvements in interactions and views.

 The team is now running smoothly. Our young players are still improving and learning new things every day. I hope they can become strong journalists in the future in order to lead younger generations of Football Tribe and also other football lovers across the country.

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