Thailand and Vietnam Trip, by Davide Ucchedu

by Davide Ucchedu, Financial Manager of Football Tribe

 On 1st February 2017, Football Tribe was born. It has been a wonderful year; so difficult, but yet so wonderful.

 I still remember my first trip to Vietnam and Thailand before Football Tribe started.

 I left Italia to Japan when I was around 24. I had never visited other countries except for Japan.

 And then we decided to launch Football Tribe and my life changed so fast.

 Vietnam was my first destination. When I landed in Hanoi, the first thing I saw on the street was a little bike carrying a big orange tree. Soon after, I realised all people on the street were carrying something incredibly big, such trees or furniture.

 Then I thought, 'I have to travel more; I want to see different cultures. And I WANT TO WATCH A FOOTBALL MATCH HERE.'

 My friend working with us introduced Hanoi FC to me. That friend gave me a Hanoi FC shirt as a gift though; I should go root for them some time. However, there was no match scheduled during my trip so I had to give it a miss.

 This was why one of my goals in Thailand became to watch a game. We covered "2017 Thailand Iterleague Cupe" with Football Tribe Thailand. I knew that the level of Thai football has grown but I never knew that it would be so close to that of Japanese football. In my opinion, if players get trained to improve the physical part a bit more, they will surely generate a very good outcome in a near future.

 Both countries were so great; and more importantly, I have made great friends. We are still working altogether to spread the passion for football across all Asia. I wish to travel a lot this year too, and am looking forward to meet more football fans!


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