I Couldn’t Ask for More! by Football Tribe Arabia

by Assi Alghazalichief editor of Football Tribe Arabia

When I think about football, I can’t help myself remembering when my love for the game started: running from home without doing my homework so I can play football with the kids from our neighbor in the empty, long, red-soiled fields!!

We didn’t go back home until the sun was completely gone and there was no way to see the ball!

With full of dust and maybe holes in our pants, going home was scary! (Moms like to yell in my country! lol)

But still, we would go play every day!

I started working here very lately! So I’m still very fresh (laugh)

I liked the name (Football Tribe) and I wanted to know more about it, after I started working with these amazing guys I couldn’t help myself noticing that it’s not a tribe, No, It’s a world!

A lot of people from around the world are connected together, talking discussing, laughing together every day to make the best content that you see on our websites!

Even though everyone has their own special opinions, ideas, supporting club, they still manage to work together very smoothly!

I mean, I would advise them to not support Real Madrid because Barca is the best of all time, but they wouldn’t be convinced. I know, I know, it’s the special thing Real Madrid Fans have: “Pepe syndrome”

Anyway, I hope that you are enjoying the articles/columns that are published in our edition because there are a lot of people who worked hard to make them enjoyable for you!

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