Football Tribe Academy – Start of Something Special by Football Tribe Vietnam

by Trung Nguyen, Chief Editor of Football Tribe Vietnam

Back in October, I met my old friend (now my leader) – Cesare Polenghi after a long time not being in touch. He told me he was creating a community for Asian football fans to come together and celebrate football in the most exciting ways via Football Tribe network. I was persuaded to “Join the Tribe” and contribute to the development of this community.

As part of our mission to develop this community, it is our goal to create chances for youngsters all across Asia to be able to work with football and to make a living with their passions. Football Tribe Academy was created. The project will give the society the value of knowledge. For the first time, young football faithful can learn about being football journalists with hands-on, real-life experiences for free. Lessons were drafted, plans were drawn, schedules were set, and we were expecting a small start for the First Class.

Beyond our expectations, the enrollment was a bang in all of our editions. There were so many applicants signing up for this program in Indonesia that we had to cut short the enrollment process. In Japan, the class was quickly filled. At our office in Hanoi, we had to accept twice the numbers of students expected originally as it was hard to decline these enthusiastic people.

As the first of its kind, Football Tribe Academy will bring Asian football community so many values: knowledge, solidarity, joy. We believe these small classes will soon become something big and special across Asia. From now on, football fans can enjoy their favorite sport in a very different aspect – from the point of view of a journalist.
Feel the Passion. Join the Academy. Join the Tribe. Love Football. And have fun.

Feel the Passion


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