How It Started by Football Tribe Arabia

by Assi Alghazalichief editor of Football Tribe Arabia

Do you remember when your love for football started? How? Why?

I do, playing in school and after school was not the reason, I think I did that because I was a very active child and wanted to move a lot! Haha

It started with the world cup 2002, I’ve always remembered the date of that day, 30th of June (no, I didn’t Google it haha!)

Came back home from school, sat in the living room and the game started, Germany VS Brazil.

Before that game, I watched the world cup games only because my elder brothers did, and I cheered for Germany and Argentina because my brothers did.
But that game, started the love flame for football in me, I still smile when I see Oliver Kahn or Ballack or klose or Lahm or Schweinsteiger’s pictures, even though the last one’s name was very hard to say! Hehe

As you could notice, yes I cheered for Germany at that game, and cried after it.

I still feel sad when I see Ronaldo’s goal.

Anyway, what I started talking about is the love of football, it’s an inextinguishable flame!

I know that if you are reading this, it only means that you share this love for Football, and you are one of the Tribe!

Feel the Passion


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