AFF Final 2010 Second Leg, When Football Gave Me Sadness by Football Tribe Indonesia

written by Isidorus Rio, Football Tribe Indonesia

I’m not that patriotic person but in terms of football, as an Indonesian, our love with national team is beyond anything. It’s beyond any nationalism campaign, beyond any thrash-talk about love story, like Bill Shankly said,  maybe, it’s beyond the matter of life and death.

Coming to the stadium, singing your beloved national anthem, screaming out loud for your local hero wearing red and white jersey with Garuda on their chest, that was massive feeling. One of the best feeling ever.

Then come that day, second leg in AFF Final 2010, against our long rival yet also our closest neighbour, Malaysia. We were 3-0 down after first leg, with sorrow defeat in Bukit Jalil. It was hard to swallow.

I came to Gelora Bung Karno, like the man repelled some spell to wishing some miracle like the Istanbul one, but it didn’t happen. Firman Utina missed a pen when it should make us ahead one goal. We did scored two goals but the visitor snatched one away goal and then we won; but only to see the Malaysians lift the trophy at our own home.

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