Football Means Hope by Football Tribe Iran

by Behnam Zafarzadeh, Chief Editor of Football Tribe Iran

Russia 2018 World cup will start in 5 days and many star players will miss the tournament due to his managers’ decisions; players like Leroy Sane, Radja Naingolan, and Mauro Icardi.

Of course, I'll never be a professional player and never have a chance to participate in a world cup but I understand their feelings very well because I have a similar experience when I was a schoolboy.

I was 13 and one the best players in our school but skinny and fragile. However, I had missed the team of the school selection for two years, I was confident that I would be in the final selection that year. But the selection regulation was against me. We had to shoot the ball for a long distance and it was a huge obstacle for me. It’s obvious that I failed and had dropped again so I cried when I returned to the home.

My mom went to the school next day and spoke to our PE teacher and he accepted to give me a chance. But I attended just in one training session and even didn’t change my clothes. I didn’t want to be an imposed player so left the tea,

It was very heart-broken and had been with me for a while but like football, always there is next season in the life. You just have to forget bad things and try hard to reach to the next goals.

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