Daily life in Italy by Davide Ucchedu

by Davide Ucchedu, Financial Manager of Football Tribe

 Hi Tribe.

 This is my first post so I want to introduce myself a little. I`m Davide, Football Tribe's Financial Manager.

 I'm Italian but live in Japan, where Football Tribe's headquarters are based. Japan is a fantastic country which is well-organized and easy to live in.

There is only one thing I feel nostalgic for, though, and that is Italian football culture.

Since the J.League was introduced, the number of Japanese football fans has increased incredibly. I know plenty of people who like football and go to stadiums every week. Japanese supporters love their teams from deep in their heart.

 But in Italy, it's is different: football is a part of everybody’s life.

 We wake up in the morning, drink a good espresso in a cafeteria and we talk about... football.

 We go to school or work on Monday after the weekend, and the first topic is... football.

 We go home, we have lunch or dinner with the family, and we talk about.. football.

 I'm a Milan fan, while my mother supports Inter and my father supports Cagliari; you will understand how troublesome conversations at home can be. Sometimes my neighbors complain that our voices are a little too loud! (laughs)

And Sunday. Oh, Sunday is a HOLY day for us - we smell football in every corner! People get ready to go to the stadium, couples fight over whether football is more important than the relationship, and people in cars have the windows open, listening to match commentaries on a radio. I always wonder how they ever pay attention to the way they drive!

Football is a magic that Italians feel everyday and I think that Italy would not be the same without it. I'm pretty sure Italy is not the only country where you can feel this.

 How about your country? Do you feel the magic? 
I would like to chat about everyone's football life.

Feel the Passion


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