Journey to Become an Asian Football Specialist by Football Tribe Iran

by Behnam Zafarzadeh, Chief Editor of Football Tribe Iran

 Like many others, I fell in love with football with watching European leagues. 

 One of my oldest football-related memories is of the brilliant Milan of the 1990s. Watching the Dutch trio of Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard and Marco Van Basten, I became a football fan and have followed European leagues for many years since.

But from eight or nine years ago, I found a new interest. Indeed, after I started my career as a football writer, my vision has been changed completely. Previously all that mattered was the result, but gradually I have discovered that there are many more important issues in football, from politics to philosophy. So, I focused on untold stories in football and it guided me to magic room of Asian football with its countless tales and unrecorded histories.

 It’s obvious that Asian football is not comparable with the best leagues in the world, but some of the most interesting ideas and stories can come from different cultures and countries. Yet even in this internet era, football in Asia remains local and fans of different countries are not yet significantly interested in knowing about other Asian countries.

That is why I decided to become an Asian football expert: now my dream is to create a footballing network in Asia.

I was lucky enough to find Football Tribe. Working for the Tribe is my best memory of 2017. Through Football Tribe, I've found many new friends and through them, I can improve my knowledge about Asian football, a huge step to become a real Asian football expert.

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