Russia 2018: My World Cup by Football Tribe Iran

by Behnam Zafarzadeh, Chief Editor of Football Tribe Iran

Image credit: Ali Shirband- Mizanonline

The world Cups are Lighthouses of my life and my mind divide the years between two World cup to remember the events.

In the 1990 World cup, my very first World cup, I was just 7-year-old and I cried after Argentina defeat in final against Germany. I remember that my mom angered and asked me to stop it because she couldn’t understand it but for years later, when World Cup took place in USA and it was difficult to stay awake for matches that kick-off in 3 am (Iran time), she usually watched them and analyzed for us tomorrow morning.

In the 2010 world cup, I was in military service and I couldn’t watch the match because we had to go to sleep in 9pm.

I know the 2018 world cup will be memorable for me because it’s for the first time that I will be there and experience it closely. Honestly, I thought that Qatar 2022 will be my first World cup but luck came to me 4 years sooner.

I still love Argentina but I surely won’t cry for them or Iran. I want to enjoy my time in Russia and I feel it will be the most memorable World Cup for me.

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