El Clasico, Barcelona, and Real Madrid jersey by Football Tribe Korea

by Mihyun Chung, Chief Editor of Football Tribe Korea

In 2013, I was living in Madrid, Spain; not for a long time, just for a half a year as part of my university exchange programme. And yes, I chose Madrid because of my love for Real Madrid.

My friend and I decided to go to Barcelona for El Clasico. We knew that it might not be possible to get tickets, but still wanted to feel the city during El Clasico. However, she isn't a football fan so doesn't know what it means to be wearing a Madrid jersey in Barcelona.

El Clasico day. We decided to have some Gaudi tour, so visited el Sagrada Familia, in a Madrid jersey. Then we also visited the Guel Park, in a Madrid jersey.

It wasn't the worst, I think people thought I was just a stupid female tourist who knew nothing about football. Some people kindly told me it is the wrong jersey in English.

We decided to go to a local pub. Thankfully, a bar owner supported Madrid! Well, he was safe, so would I be too, I thought.

Barca scored an opener; Madrid, then equaliser, The ambiance got slightly negative, I would say. I tried my best to stop cheering and yelling, but not sure if it worked.

Neymar scored the winning goal. The match then ended in Barca's 2:1 victory. Everyone was happy, so I felt slightly safe. My friend, who was not wearing a Madrid jersey, thanked God that we would be safe.

We went to town, and I kid you not, seven people talked to me in ten minutes. My Spanish isn't so perfect so I can't really understand them all, but it was basically just some mockery. But again, everyone was happy.

We went to the restaurant. The waiter jokingly refused to serve me. But you know, a free, capitalistic country especially when Barca defeated Madrid - he ended up giving me food too.

At night, it got slightly scarier. The group of guys literally yelled at me "f- off, b-." We went back to hotel.

Would I ever wear Madrid jersey again in Barcelona? Absolutely. In the end, no one harmed me. But after the last group of guys, yeah, I'll probably change as soon as Madrid win.

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